Monkey Do

That little monkey called IE6

When we released the HTML5 Reset templates a few weeks ago, we were questioned about (and even admonished for) our built-in support for IE6. Some say we’re wasting our time, some say we’re wasting bandwidth — some even say we’re hurting the web by continuing to support this navigateur terrible.

In our hearts and in our voices, we don’t disagree. But.

Aside from the argument that your client’s site may have different stats than the general internet (which is practically guaranteed), we consider it bad practice to deliver a site that blows up in any environment, and IE6 likes to blow stuff up.

We do not spend hours slaving over pixel-perfection for IE6, but we do take some time to make sure that the site is roughly in the right place, that the navigation is accessible and functional.

There’s very little worse than getting a call from your client whose boss is trying to show someone their new site — in IE6. Much better to know that the site will at least work, even if it’s not at its shining best.