Monkey Do

The Easiest Form-to-Email Setup

Seriously, it's as easy as pie.

One of the struggles with setting up a web site fast is the thought of having to build a system for communication with your visitors. Most CMSes come with built-in communication tools, but installing WordPress or ExpressionEngine just to hook up a form is massive overkill.

There are solutions like WuFoo of course, but even that’s more tech than we need just for a contact form.

Say hello to Formspree. Take any form, add Formspree’s URL in the action attribute, and Formspree will take the user’s inputs and email them to you.


It’s free for low-volume senders (up to 1,000 emails), and $9.99 a month after that. (Gold members can submit their forms via AJAX, so it’s good for web apps, too.)