Monkey Do

The days of wine and Covid

We're keeping to our houses lately — as we expect are you. We hope you and your families are well and keeping yourselves busy.

Some of our clients have had to slow or shut down their businesses; some of them have moved their activities online.

I've been filling some of my time making bread and printing face shields for local medical personnel. They don't meet normal medical standards, but anything is better than nothing, especially for those on the front lines.

I have a 3D printer and a Cricut sitting around doing nothing, so it feels good to use otherwise unused bandwidth. The hardest part was finding a 3D model for the visor that worked with my 3D printer — I have a borrowed Dremel 3D45, which is a super nice machine and designed to be very user-friendly, but its print area is a little smaller than a lot of the models required. The Cricut makes short work of the mylar shields themselves.

Fortunately Amazon has been able to keep me supplied with filament and mylar, and the visor has been designed expressly to be printed quickly. (Each visor takes about 40 minutes to print; if I had a larger print nozzle I could get that down to 20 minutes.)

If you have any interest in helping to get medical equipment into the hands of medical personnel, give Masks for Docs a visit. (You can find the face shield I'm printing over at 3Dverkstan's site.)