Monkey Do

HTML5 Reset Updated!

We have updated the ​H​T​M​L​5​ ​R​e​s​e​t files with some upgrades and additions:

1. At Paul Irish’s suggestion we have updated our version of Modernizr to the latest version, which is both smaller and faster.

2. Also at Paul’s suggestion, we updated to the latest version of HTML5 Doctor’s reset.css.

3. Yet again at Paul’s suggestion, we are now calling a specific version of jQuery (as well as falling back to a local version if Google’s version is unavailable for some reason).

4. Added Mathias Bynens’ optimized asynchronous Google Analytics snippet

5. We added the viewport meta tag — but left it commented out. We have found there there is no default state that works for any one project, so comment this back in only once you’ve determined your strategy for it.

By the way, if you’re the kind of person who uses the HTML5 Reset files, Paul Irish is someone that you should really be paying attention to, if you aren’t already. We are constantly benefiting from his projects and insights, and we have even more updates to these files in the works based in no small part on his work.