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How to Italicize and Bold Text in HTML

There are plenty of ways to mark up text in HTML, but often there is a right way.

HTML5 is the beginning of an era of true semantics on the web. While systems like search engines and screen readers have yet to fully take advantage of HTML’s semantics elements (such as em, strong, etc), that doesn’t mean we should prepare for the day that they do.

In that spirit, here’s a quick demonstration of the various options for italicizing and bolding text:

Our favorite cruise was on the <i>Explorer of the Seas</i>, --> italicize the name of a ship
which we read about in <cite>Cruising</cite> magazine, --> reference the name of a publication
and we <em>loved</em> it. --> emphasize a feeling
(<b>Note:</b> This was before everyone got all sick --> start a note with bolded text
and was throwing up <strong>everywhere</strong>.) --> make a strong statement